Far-right Polish official claims Swedish preschool teachers sexually abuse children

According to Barbara Nowak, a PiS-appointed education official, Swedish preschools have "masturbation rooms" where teachers show pupils how to masturbate. Sweden denied the claim, calling it "absurd and false."


The Swedish embassy in Warsaw has denied claims made by a far-right Polish official that its country’s preschools have “masturbation rooms” where pupils are abused by their teachers.

The wild claim was made by Barbara Nowak, the Polish education superintendent for the southern province of Małopolska, home to 3.4 million people. Poland has a government-appointed education superintendent for each of its 16 provinces, where they’re charged with overseeing local schools.

“In Swedish preschools, there are special rooms where the teacher goes with a child and masturbates them,” Nowak said in a recent interview with news website Wirtualna Polska. “They then know that they can also masturbate on their own.”

Prompted by her interviewer, Nowak explained that she had received reliable information about the practice by teachers in Sweden, including “a Polish woman working in a preschool in Sweden.” According to Nowak, this woman was “terrified” of the alleged practice.

The story was first reported in English by Notes From Poland.

FILE: CHildren play at a kindergarten in Stockholm, 2006 FILE: CHildren play at a kindergarten in Stockholm, 2006AFP

Nowak was appointed by the Law and Justice (PiS) government, which has been vocal in its fight against “gender ideology” and has embraced the same anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric promoted by the far-right in the US, which claims liberal wokeness is attempting to sexualise children.

In August, the party passed legislation banning organisations from promoting “the sexualisation of children” from schools and preschools in Poland.

The PiS failed to reach an absolute majority in the recent parliamentary election which would have given the party a clear mandate to form a new government. The opposition, led by Civic Coalition party’s leader Donald Tusk, is expected to form a new government.

The same news website that published the interview denied Nowak’s claims, writing in a separate article that they had investigated the issue and found it to be “complete nonsense,” as in the words of journalist Katarzyna Tubylewicz, who has written a book about the sex lives of Swedes.

The Swedish Embassy in Warsaw intervened to deny Nowak’s claim, issuing a statement calling it “absurd and false.”

“There have been absurd and untrue claims about Swedish kindergartens,” the embassy wrote on X, previously Twitter.

“It is deplorable that disinformation about Sweden is spread in this way. At this point, it is worth remembering how important it is to check facts and look for reliable sources of information.”

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